Exam 1 Review-Spring 2010

Organizational Behavior

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MAN 336 Exam 1 Review Spring 2010 Intro to Org Behavior Chapter 1 Wilson’s Profile of Effective Managers McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Human Capital/Social Capital Hawthorne Legacy Principles of TQM Follett, Mayo, and Deming Carroll’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid The Magnificent 7 Improving the Organization’s Ethical Climate Group Dynamics Chapter 10 Formal vs. Informal Groups Tuckman’s 5 Stage Model of Group Development Group Decay Norms Task/Maintenance Roles Group Size Gender in Groups Asch Effect Groupthink Social Loafing Teams Chapter 11 Types of Teams Characteristics of Effective Teamwork Why Work Teams Fail Cooperation vs. Competition Trust Cohesiveness Virtual Teams Self Managed Teams Decision Making Chapter 12 Satisficing Decision-Making Styles Decision-Making Biases Group versus Individual Performance Group Problem-Solving Techniques Samsung Process for Innovation Communication Chapter 9 Practical Lessons from Feedback Research Trouble Signs for Organizational Feedback
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Exam 1 Review-Spring 2010 - MAN 336 Exam 1 Review Spring...

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