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1 - Advantages of e-Learning to the Trainer or Organization...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Advantages of e-Learning to the Trainer or Organization Some of the most outstanding advantages to the trainer or organization are: * Reduced overall cost is the single most influential factor in adopting e-learning. The elimination of costs associated with in * Learning times reduced, an average of 40 to 60 percent, as found by Brandon Hall (Web-based Training Cookbook, 1997 * Increased retention and application to the job averages an increase of 25 percent over traditional methods, according to a * Consistent delivery of content is possible with asynchronous, self-paced e-learning. * Expert knowledge is communicated, but more importantly captured, with good e-learning and knowledge management sy * Proof of completion and certification, essential elements of training initiatives, can be automated. Advantages to the Learner Along with the increased retention, reduced learning time, and other aforementioned benefits to students, particular advantag * On-demand availability enables students to complete training conveniently at off-hours or from home.
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