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Ethn lecture 1 - Lecture 1 I. 10/2/07 When did Asian...

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Lecture 1 10/2/07 I. When did Asian American Immigration to the U.S. begin? a. Mid-19 th century with the active recruitment of Chinese laborers to work on the railroads and in gold mines in the western frontier II. Why is this a problematic view of Asian American immigration? Okihiro Pg. 29 III. Chronology a. 1763: first recorded settlement of Filipinos in U.S. b. 1790: arrival of Asian Indians in U.S. c. 1830: Chinese laborers in HI sugar plantations, Chinese peddlers and sailors in NY d. 1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends Sp. Amer. War and led to U.S. possession of CA, discovery of gold e. 1850s: judicial exclusion of discrimination f. 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act: prevented further Chinese immigration (intended to exclude Chinese for 10 years) g. 1892: Chinese excl. act renewed for 10 yrs h. 1898: Sp. Amer. War ends, philipinos enter U.S. i. 1898: Hawaii annexed by U.S. j. 1902: Chinese exclusion act renewed again for 10 yrs k. 1904: Male Chinese Exclusion Act made permanent l. 1905: Asian Exclusion Act
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Ethn lecture 1 - Lecture 1 I. 10/2/07 When did Asian...

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