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Case 11-2 KE - the 30 days Schmidt dies According to...

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Case 11-2 A) Schmidt offers to sell Barry equipment for $10,000. Prior to the acceptance  acceptance is automatically terminated according to the operation of law; death  of the offeror or offeree. Schmidt’s offer is terminated when he dies. Barry is out  of luck. subject matter. An offer is terminated by destruction prior to the acceptance.  Barry’s acceptance after the fire doesn’t constitute a contract. C) Barry pays Schmidt $100 for a 30-day option to purchase equipment. During 
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Unformatted text preview: the 30 days Schmidt dies. According to revocation the offeree can accept the offer still as the estate can transfer the title. Barry can hold Schmidt’s estate to a contract for the equipment offer. D) Barry pays Schmidt $100 for a 30-day option to purchase equipment and during the time period Barry accepts within the time period. Schmidt dies not long after the acceptance. The deal is irrevocable since the contract was accepted within the period before Schmidt’s death. Barry gets the sale of the equipment....
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