Homework5 - situations and I have excellent time...

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Kari Eckblad MKT 351 December 1, 2009 Homework Assignment #5 –Marketing Careers The marketing career that I am most interested in would be a brand  manager.  As a brand manager, I would develop, plan and direct the marketing  aspect of a certain brand. I would work along side with people who are also  coordinating with the brand, who would include, production, sales, package  development and distribution. I would prefer working with a retail clothing  company.  The average salary of a brand manager is $76,100. “ It's reported that more  than 50% of Brand Managers earn between $65,597 and $87,169”(About.com,  2009). The education requirements for a brand manager are in a  Bachelors  degree and in some cases 4 years of field experience. I am most interested in the job because I like being in charge of most 
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Unformatted text preview: situations and I have excellent time management. I like to interact with people and go out in the field and not be stuck in an office all day long. This career seems right up my alley if it involves clothing and getting people to buy more of my brand! Having a minor in Fashion Merchandising, I believe would allow an employer to be favorable to hire me because I have a background in certain classes about retailing and how the retailing chain works. Hopefully a combination of marketing and fashion merchandising can get me career where I’ve always wanted to be in. References: "Marketing Career Profile: Brand Manger." About.com . Web. 1 Dec 2009. <http://marketing.about.com/od/exploremarketingcareers/l/blbrandma nager.htm>....
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Homework5 - situations and I have excellent time...

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