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A+ Essentials 220-601 Questions

A+ Essentials 220-601 Questions - SECTION A Which of the...

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SECTION A Which of the following is the most secure type system? 1. NTFS Which of the following has to be installed on a latptop in order to use a compact flash drive? 1. A multi-media card reader When a user is typing on a laptop the curser sometimes moves on its own. Which of the following is most likely the cause? 1. The user is brushing the touch pad while typing Which of the following are considered plug and play technologies in a laptop? 1. USB Which of the following are primary differences between a laptop and a desktop PCU? 1. heat production 2. power consumption A client reports that the laptop is not performing a complete charge of the battery. Which of the following actions should be taken first? 1. Run the battery calibrator After booting up a new computer, a technician observes that the USB ports are not working with any USB devices. Which of the following should be done first? 1. Check the BIOS to verify that the USB functionality is enabled If an external monitor is attached to a laptop and it does not work, which of the following actions should a tech take first? 1. Use the function key to activate the monitor Which of the following modes conserves the most batter power while allowing retrieval of the computing session at a later time? 1. Hibernate In a typical PDA, which of the following is the primarey input tool? 1. Stylus Which of the following is a WiFi device? 1. 802.11g PCMCIA card The error invalid boot disk means? 1. the computer was unable to find the info needed to start the boot process The utility that checks the file system structure is? 1. CHKDSK Which of the following keys are used to access advanced Windows start up options while a computer is booting? 1. F8
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Which of the following steps in troubleshooting and repair process is most effective to reduce redundant effort? 1. Document activities and outcomes of repair steps Which of the following is required to install Windows XP? 1. SVGA or better graphics 2. 233Mhz or faster processor Which of the following locations contains the System Restore option in Windows XP? 1. Help and support from the start menu Which of the following commands could be used to start Management Console on a workstation running Windows 2000/XP 1. Start>Run>MMC Which of the following upgrade paths are supported? 1. Windows ME to Windows XP 2. Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Which of the following would be the BEST safety measure to take before installing a Windows service pack? 1. Back up all important documents 2. Set a System Restore point Company’s computers are running Windows XP Pro. Some of the desktop computers have the file ntbootdd.sys on the root but it is not seen on any laptops. The ntbootdd.sys is required for? 1. for the SCSI devices To run a full defrag in Windows XP, a user must be logged in as?
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