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Lecture 10 notes

Lecture 10 notes - Lecture 10"Towards a Critical...

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Lecture 10: 10/16/2007 “Towards a Critical Transnational Prospective” I. Theories of Assimilation a. Straight-line Assimilation i. “Contact, competition, accommodation, and eventual assimilation” (Robert Park) ii. Contact with culture iii. Competition between white ethnics and Asian American 1. Nativism Violence 2. Assimilation is good iv. Children of immigration 2rd and 3 rd generation are hyphenated v. Linear theory – tailored towards white ethnics (Italians) vi. **** Assimilation by 3 rd generation b. Cultural Pluralism/Melting Pot i. Immigrants tend to assimilate to an American core, but also retain their ethnic values ii. Assimilation by 3 rd generation may not be possible because of socioeconomic barriers and racism (Glazer and Moynihan) c. Segmented Assimilation i. Considers structural impediments and suggests a “negative” assimilation is possible ii. Structural barriers (poor schools) can lead to stagnant or downward mobility (downward assimilation) iii. Some children of immigrants follow the 2 nd and 3 rd generations, some reject the idea and join gangs (downward assimilation) iv. More economically advantaged embrace the cultural background (ethnic re- service, retention)
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v. Selective culture – choose if they want to stay with ethnic culture or new culture they live in d. Questions i. Why do some assimilate by the 3 rd generation and why do some not assimilate? By the way they live. Groups have been racialized. ii. Why is the core still seen as white Americans? iii. Another barrier to theories – leave linear theory out of question. iv. Why do assimilation theories fail? Don’t take into account the impacts of racism. v. Immigration has happened before people have come into U.S. imperialism, wars, corporation, jobs, outsourcing of companies has already touched the outsides. Need to be accounted for in terms of assimilation.
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Lecture 10 notes - Lecture 10"Towards a Critical...

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