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WSJ for 3D Problem

WSJ for 3D Problem - appropriately can be unable to see the...

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zhang1 Ruolin Zhang Terribeth Gordon BUAD 1020-911 May 19, 2010 Summary of Vision Disorder Makes 3-D Fall Flat for Some This news was selected on Wall Street Journa l, section of technology, on May 18, 2010. From the title, we can see that the 3D movie is not good for some people. The news tells us that the Hollywood studios and TV manufacturers are banking on 3-D. But this is not a good idea for the person who has the eyes’ problem. We know that our eyes view the world from a slightly different perspective, and there are two pictures from the eyes view. Then our brain do the work with this two pictures, and let the person gets a sense of three dimensions. But 3-D movie wants use a two dimensional screen and the special glass to let the person feel the 3 dimensional. “People who can’t coordinate their eyes well or focus
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Unformatted text preview: appropriately can be unable to see the 3-D effects at all,” said Dominick Maino, professor of pediatrics and binocular vision at the Illinois College of Optometry. Some people after watching the 3-D movie will feel uncomfortable. Dr. Maino also said: “People with mild vision problems may feel discomfort or nausea and “will just close an eye through the whole movie” because of it, or they may experience dizziness or headaches but not associate them with their vision.” From the news, we can see that not all technology is good for person. But as the development of technology, we will find the new way let person feel better for 3-D movie one day. Before that day, I hope people can have the skills to separate which technology is good for them. zhang2...
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