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丰硕BMGT assignment 1&2


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Assignment 1 Chapter One Part one: Positive thinking exercises: Ten positive internal characteristics about me: 1. easygoing 2. careful 3. kind and nice 4. talkative 5. tidy 6. politeness 7. Responsible 8. honesty 9. obliging 10. have good judgment Ten positive external characteristics about me: 1. thin 2. long hair 3. white teeth 4. beautiful eyes 5. small mouth 6. long fingers 7. good skin 8. I am good at outdoor sports 9. I like reading and read a lot of books 10. have a lot of friends because I am easygoing This is not very easy. I have to find 10 for each of them. Part two Page 19 question: Defensive Reasoning. People who engage in this type this type of thinking do so in order to avoid feeling embarrassed, threatened, vulnerable or incompetent. They may become close-minded. Because they want to protect themselves or they are busy doing something, they often don’t hear what you are saying. In response to everything that you say they have a comeback. Racial reasoning refers to people believe that if one person within their race disagrees or acts differently than what has been defined as “black” or “white” or ”Asian” etc. it will influence their judgments. They hear and think others opinions but make wrong judgments. It’s different from defensive reasoning.
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Part three Page20 to 22 1. false 2.false 3.true 4.true 5.true 6.true 7.false 8.false 9.false 10.false 11.false 12. true 13 false 14.B 15.F 16.B 17.B Chapter Two Part one: 1. a 2. a 3. c 4.c Part two: End of Chapter Questions: Question 1 It can improve internal communication, decrease management cost. Diversity in employment promotes cost-effective employment relations, enhances customer relations, enhances creativity, flexibility and innovation in organizations. Diversity promotes sustainable development and competitive advantage. Those are reasons why “it is important to know the “why” behind valuing diversity in the workplace.” Question 3:
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