AD and PR - Chapter 15 Advertising and Public Relations 1...

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Chapter 15 Advertising and Public Relations 1. Advertising a. Advertising is a good way to inform and persuade . b. Marketing management must make four important decisions when developing an advertising program. Setting Advertising Objectives a. Advertising objectives can be classified by primary purpose—whether the aim is to inform, persuade, or remind . i. Informative advertising is used heavily when introducing a new product category. In this case, the objective is to build primary demand. ii. Some persuasive advertising has become comparative advertising , in which a company directly or indirectly compares its brand with one or more other brands. iii. Reminder advertising is important for mature products —it keeps consumers thinking about the product. Setting the Advertising Budget a. A brand’s advertising budget often depends on its stage in the product life cycle. i. New products typically need large advertising budgets to build awareness and to gain consumer trial. ii. Mature brands usually require lower budgets as a ratio to sales. iii. Market share also impacts the amount of advertising needed: Because building the market or taking share from competitors requires larger advertising spending than does simply maintaining current share, low-share brands usually need more advertising spending as a percentage of sales. Developing Advertising Strategy a. Advertising strategy consists of two major elements: creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media. b. Message strategy statements tend to be plain, straightforward outlines of benefits and positioning points that the advertiser wants to stress. The advertiser must next develop a compelling creative concept—or “big
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AD and PR - Chapter 15 Advertising and Public Relations 1...

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