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Environment Review Political: In 1998, Hong Kong Government decided to introduce digital television services. At 7:00 p.m. on 31 December 2007, digital television services broadcasting officially launched in Hong Kong. Digital TV broadcasting network in Hong Kong more than 80% coverage on January 2010 1 . Therefore, this policy attract s more people to buy high-definition TV ; Fortress can make more profits in high-definition TV market . Economic: GDP per capita in Hong Kong was HKD 233,239 2 in 2009 and Hong Kong economy’s is r ecovery from financial tsunami . It shows that Hong Kong people are able to consume high quality of electrical products. Many mainland visitors buy electrical products when they travel in Hong Kong. According to the statistic from Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mainland visitors rose 21% on February 2010 3 . So, Fortress has a great opportunity to increase their sales and profits from Mainland visitors.
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Unformatted text preview: However, due to Hong Kong’s economy is r ecovery , the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is being increased, the o verall consumer prices compared with the same month a year ago, increased by 1.0% 4 on January 2010. It means the operation cost such as transportation cost, raw material cost is increased. 1 2 file=publication/stat_report/national_income_bop/B10300012009QQ04B0100.pdf&title=%a5%bb %a6a%a5%cd%b2%a3%c1%60%ad%c8+(%a9u%a5Z)&issue=2009%a6%7e%b2%c44%a9u&lang=2 3 sID=2496&sSUBID=15590&displayMode=D 4 sID=2496&sSUBID=15590&displayMode=D s...
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