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Price Money Back system is now applied to many Hutchison group shops like PARKnSHOP, Watsons, Fortress and so forth. Generally, electrical and digital products require a lager lump sum payment than daily goods. To attract customers, we can offer double money back if their expenditure exceed a certain amount say $5000. Large lump sum payment at the same time creates a problem that customers may not be willing to buy immediately. To tackle it, we can require credit card companies to offer longer installments and extra cash dollars. Nowadays, online shopping is still not very common. All products sold online are at special discount such that people have incentive to shop through web more. Place Both the new and the original brand can develop a very strong online store containing most of information about the product. Customers can online purchase by using EPS and credit cards. Promotion Our targeted market is switching to younger generation. Facebook advertisement can
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Unformatted text preview: effectively contact this group of potential customers. Moreover, youngsters chase uniqueness. Our shops can give something that not sold in public like concert tickets at the first roll as gift. Electrical and digital products tend to be more high technological. Plenty of users may not want to buy those products just because of their complexity. To deal with this difficulty, we can provide free teaching scheme, 24 online video help and 3D demonstration of products. Product In order to differentiate fortress to other competitors, services differentiation is the biggest topic. After separating two brands, the age of customers can be more clearly defined. It is preferable to arrange young salespeople to serve teenagers in the new brand shop while experienced salespeople to serve middle-aged in the original brand....
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