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Company review - advertisement does not raise large...

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Strength  1 Market Leader with Well known brand product  Fortress has long established  its  good reputation  in Hong Kong as selling  electronic   appliances.   Unlike   its   competitors,   it   has   its   well   own   brand  products, which are famous and  have ranked the most favored brand since  2001.  2 Widely Distributed Branches Fortress retail covers a wide geographic area in Hong Kong. It is convenient to  assess a Fortress retail shop. It has 50 outlets all over Kowloon, Hong Kong,  and  New  Territories,  whereas  its   main  competitor, Broadway  just  has   22  branches in Hong Kong.  3 Association with a Network of Other Retail Industry Fortress is part of Watson in Hong Kong. This is strength of Fortress as it can  derive benefits from its associates.  Weakness  Relatively Weak Marketing Fortress‘s   marketing   is   relatively   less   successful   than   its   rivals.   Its 
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Unformatted text preview: advertisement does not raise large awareness and improve much of its brand images. Current Target Market Selling Points 1 Comprehensive Customers Services In addition to the warranty, free repairs and replacement for defected products and free on-site emergency repair services are provided under a scheme called ‘Fortress Super Covers’. Its ‘Pay-the-difference’ policy also guarantees customers the lowest price for identical products. 2 Strong Bargaining Power Bargaining power of Fortress against its suppliers is strong as it is one of the market leaders in the market. It can get a competitive wholesale price from suppliers. So Fortress can charge their product in the competitive price to its customers. Current 4P Product Electronic applicants Price 150-10000 Place 50 stores Promotion Ads in newspaper, tv...
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