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BOT131-CTA2 - genetically engineered beans were mixed with...

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Yingjia Shen Bot131 3/1/2007 CTA 2 Biopharming is a very controversial topic among the agriculture community. There is a lot of information that is yet to be known about the dangers and affects of biopharming. The author of the article “Is Biopharming Worth the Risk?” claims that biopharming is not worth the risk, at least not yet, until we can find out more about the cross pollination and interbreeding. The writer argues that in 2002 Iowa-grown pharma corn may have contaminated soybeans nearby. The writer also quotes a geneticist saying it could have cross-pollinated with corn instead of soybeans and it would be impossible to tell what was infected. Despite the stiff regulations the government has put in place, biopharming will never be safe is another argument the writer makes. The reason farmers do not use non-food crops is that food crops produce seeds in predictable amounts. The writer also says there are disasters in the making. The evidence for the writer’s claim is in 2002, ProdiGene had an incident were
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Unformatted text preview: genetically engineered beans were mixed with non contaminated genes. Once the incident was realized, 500,000 bushels of previously safe beans had to be destroyed. Another incident in 2002 was when 600 food products that had corn in them were recalled due to contamination. The corn was supposed to go to animal feed, but in the transportation it contaminated the other corn. The arguments against the claim are that producing the drugs could be much less expensive and be able to produce large quantities. The evidence in the article against the major claim is even the US government is now testing with GE plants. Biopharming could also eradicate any animal exposure, such as “mad cow disease.” The article should be accepted because the author used a lot of evidence to support his claim. He stated the benefits of GE plants, but outweighed the benefits with the risks. The writer had many scientist’s opinions and factual numbers backing up his claim....
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