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student resp - We recognize that occasionally errors can be...

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Student Responsibilities: Class Attendance: Students enrolled in this class are expected to attend all classes even though podcasts are available. The midterm exams will be handed back in class. It is inappropriate to contact the professor or the teaching assistant for anything missed by failure to attend class. Office Hours: Hours when the professors and teaching assistant will be available to help you with course material will be posted weekly on the web site. You are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. E-mails: The professors and teaching assistant will also be available by e-mail, but only reasonable e-mails will be answered – i.e. we will not respond to e-mails asking for a repeat of information that was already provided in class or to questions that you have not already tried to answer by using such resources as your notes or the index of the textbook. Midterm regrades:
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Unformatted text preview: We recognize that occasionally errors can be made in the grading the midterms. If you feel that such an error has been made after looking at the key that will be posted on the web site, please see the professor during the office hours that will be provided for such a purpose within one week after receiving the graded assignment or exam. Requests for consideration of grading errors after that time period will not be granted. Students with certified learning disabilities: If you have a certified learning disability that requires an exception to the normal examination place and time, please contact the professor no later than two weeks before the examination. This contact should be made by e-mail or during office hours. Please do not try to set up special appointments for this purpose as suggested by the letter you receive from the learning disability center....
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