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MATH 203 Principles of Statistics Midterm Exam 2 February 19, 2010 Time: 50 minutes Instructions: Answer all questions, show your reasoning-briefly, hand calculators are permitted, crib sheets are NOT, and write your name and student number on your answer book. This exam comprises a page of questions and a page containing a box plot. Question 1 (10 marks): Data were collected in the U.S. on the highest year of school completed for males and females. The data are summarized in the two SPSS box plots provided. i) What proportion of male respondents had between roughly 12 and 16 as their highest years in high school? ii) Roughly what is the sample median of the highest year for males? iii) In a single sentence comment on whether or not highest years for males have different variability from the highest years for females. iv) How many outlying observations are there amongst the males? vi) In a single sentence state why it would be unwise to attempt to find an approximation to the sample
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