Stats 1 assignment2

Stats 1 assignment2 - snapper from serves 77% fake Red...

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Assignment 3 Carl Hughes 260360489 February 14 th , 2010
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Q1) P(A)=5/20 P(A)=.25 P(A 1 ∩A 2 ∩B 3 ∩B 4 )=(5/25)(4/19)(16/18)(15/17) P(A 1 ∩A 2 ∩B 3 ∩B 4 )=(.25)(.21)(.89)(.88) P(A 1 ∩A 2 ∩B 3 ∩B 4 )= .04 Q 2) 3.66 a) P(AUB)= P(A)+P(B) P(AUB)=.30+.55 P(AUB)= .85 b)P(A∩B)=P(A)P(B) P(A∩B)=Since A and B are mutually exclusive they do not intersect at all. P(A∩B)= 0 c)P(A|B)=P(A∩B)/P(A) P(A|B)=0/.30 P(A|B)= 0 d)P(BUC)= P(B)+P(C) P(BUC)= .55+.15 P(BUC)= .70 Q3 3.72 Surgery= A P(A)=.20 Success in the surgery= P(A∩B)= .95 P(A|B)= P(A∩B)/P(A) P(A|B)=.95/.20 P(A|B)= .19 Q4) 3.79 A= {You are served red snapper} a) P(A)= 1- P(A c ) P(A)=1-.77 P(A)= 33 . b) A={One customer will receive Red Snapper} B={No Red Snapper is served} P(A)= 1-P(B) P(A)=1-P(A c ∩A c ∩A c ∩A c ∩A c )
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P(A)=1-(.77)(.77)(.77)(.77)(.77) P(A)=1-.271 P(A)= .729 The assumption we make is unreasonable because we assume each and every vendor that we order red
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Unformatted text preview: snapper from serves 77% fake Red Snapper when in reality each vendor will serve different percentages of real and fake Red Snapper. Q5) 3.92 A={Jet fire} B={Flash fire} P(A)=.01 P(B)=.01P(A c ) P(AUB)=P(A)+P(B) P(AUB)=.01+(.01)(1-.01) P(AUB)= 0.0199 Q6 3.135 a) A={All Athletes}=1000 B={Users}=100 C={Users that test positive}=50 D={Nonusers that test positive}=9 P(C|B)= 50/100 P(C|B)= .50 b) P(D c )= 1-P(D) P(D c )=(1)- [9/(1000-100)] P(D c )=1-.01 P(D c )= .99 c) P(B|CUD)= P(CUD|B)P(B) P(CUD)= 50+9/1000 P(CUD) P(CUD)=0.059 P(B|CUD)=.5(.1) .059 P(B)= 100/1000 P(B|CUD)= .8475 P(B)= .1 P(CUD|B)=.5...
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Stats 1 assignment2 - snapper from serves 77% fake Red...

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