Position-on-Dodgeball-in-PE-2006-1 - Position on Dodgeball...

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© 2006, National Association for Sport and Physical Education, an association of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, www.aahperd.org/naspe 1900 Association Drive • Reston, VA 20191, U.S. (703) 476-3410 • Fax (703) 476-8316 • Email [email protected] Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education With the recent release of both a movie and television show about dodgeball, debate about the game’s merits and improprieties has escalated in the media and on the NASPE listserv. Thus, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) would like to reiterate its position about including dodgeball in school physical education programs. NASPE believes that dodgeball is not an appropriate activity for K-12 school physical education programs. The purpose of physical education is to provide students with: The knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be physically active for a lifetime A daily dose of physical activity for health benefits Positive experiences so that kids want to be physically active outside of physical
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Position-on-Dodgeball-in-PE-2006-1 - Position on Dodgeball...

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