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Key9 - 1(15 pts The area A of a rectangle is increasing at...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.) (15 pts.) The area A of a rectangle is increasing at the rate of 4 ft.2/sec. and its length y is decreasing at the rate of 5 ft./sec. At what rate is the rectangle’s width a: changing when x = 3 feet and y = 6 feet ? W fi:‘{#-&/M./ ask _. D al/Ar .dY AX \,___‘ A'XY" W“’<N+‘a’x/ 2.) (15 pts.) A rectangular pen is formed against a building by using the building as one side of the pen and constructing the remaining three sides from 100 feet of fencing. What dimensions of the pen will result in a pen of maximum area 7 List values for all variables used- building . . / , M Gums/0M ///////// a ...
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