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BIS 120 Exam 3 Study Guide

BIS 120 Exam 3 Study Guide - B IS 120 Exam 3 Study Guide...

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BIS 120 Exam 3 Study Guide Lecture 17: Replication and Gene Regulation You should know: -what semi-conservative replication is, and what organisms use it -how DNA polymerase functions -the importance of the Primase enzyme -the major enzymes involved in DNA replication and their role -how replication differs in the leading vs. lagging strands -the importance of 'proofreading' in DNA replication, and what enzyme does it -the RNA polymerase core vs. holoenzyme, and the importance of the sigma subunit -what promoters do, and common promoters in prokaryotes -the steps in transcription, up through termination Lecture 18: Viruses Introduction -what HMD is, and its role in early studies of viruses -the major difficulties in the discovery of viruses -the two pathways of the viral life cycle -the general structural features and characteristics of all viruses -the system for classifying viruses, and what it is based on -how viruses go from dsDNA, ssDNA, + ssRNA and - ssRNA to mRNA in the host cell -what 'plaques' are on a bacterial lawn
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