Midterm 2 study guide part 1 of 2

Midterm 2 study guide part 1 of 2 - Study guide for Midterm...

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Study guide for Midterm 2 BIS103-002 SQ2010 PART 1 of 2 NOTE1: This covers lectures 8-12. NOTE2 : Part 2 including lecture 13 (up to 4 questions/points) will be available by 8pm on Tuesday, May 12 th . NOTE3: Schedule of Office Hours, Review Session, and the Exam. Friday May 7 th . 9-11am at 131 or 232 Asmundson (Dr. Inoue) Monday May 10 th . 11am-12:30pm at 3061 Science Laboratory Building (Katie Klooster) Wednesday May 12 th . 3-5pm at 242 Asmundson (Dr. Inoue) 7-8:30pm at 2 Wellman (REVIEW SESSION) Thursday May 13 th . 3:10-4:30pm at 198 Young Hall (EXAM) 1. You should be able to tell “full” names of the metabolites/enzymes/processes that are often abbreviated as follows: metabolites : GA3P, PEP, PG, 1,3-BPG, DHAP, OAA, Q, α KG, Glu, Asp, Gln, Asn. enzymes : MCAD, GA3PDH, PDC, PFK, MDH. processes/others : TCA cycle, PMF, PPP, ETC 2. Draw structures of NAD + , NADH, NADP + , NADPH. What are their functions? REMEMBER THAT ALL OF THEM ARE TWO -ELECTRON CARRIERS!! 3. Draw TCA cycle with i) structures and names of the intermediates, and ii) the names of the enzymes. Explain the significance of each step (i.e., oxidation, hydration, decarboxylation, etc. .). Use the “cycle” you draw to explain how each of the two carbon molecules in the acetate-group is released as CO 2 . 4. The mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by succinyl CoA synthetase. 5. A difference between two types of dehydrogenases – one releases electrons to NAD + , another to [FAD]. Two examples each for them. 6. Two functions of citrate other than its function as the precursor to isocitrate. You should also know that citrate has to be exported to the cytoplasm to play those functions. 7.
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Midterm 2 study guide part 1 of 2 - Study guide for Midterm...

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