Study guide for Midterm 2 Part 2 of 2

Study guide for - Study guide for Midterm 2 part 2 BIS103-002 SQ2010 PART 2 of 2 NOTE1 see part 1 for#1-20#21 is related to#1-20#22 and 23 are from

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Study guide for Midterm 2 part 2 BIS103-002 SQ2010 PART 2 of 2 NOTE1: see part 1 for #1-20. #21 is related to #1-20. #22 and 23 are from lecture 13. NOTE2 : Schedule of Office Hours, Review Session, and the Exam. Wednesday May 12 th . 3-5pm at 242 Asmundson (Dr. Inoue) 7-8:30pm at 2 Wellman (REVIEW SESSION) Thursday May 13 th . 3:10-4:30pm at 198 Young Hall (EXAM) NOTE3: When you ask questions, please state what you think. Good example: “I think the answer to the question x is xxxxx. But I am not sure. Could you clarify?” BAD: “Please give me the answer to the study guide question #x.” 21. (related to #15 in part 1): You should know that acyl-CoA needs two carnitine acyltransferases (I and II) at the mitochondria membranes to be transported into the matrix (see page 17 of 5/4 lecture handout). Also, you should know from MT1 that lactate dehydrogenase plays a role in fermentation (anaerobic process that regenerates NAD+ for glycolysis). 22.
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