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Lecture 11/29/07 Week 8 Queer reading practice: Drawing: - Chinese man in asian attire is marrying a white women in front of a Confucian temple, - Headliner: completion of the pacific RR, - West dominated/colonized and settled, “Third Sex”, -1870: emergence of churches, schools, more women, Manifest destiny/frontier - Frontier was homosocial (West was primarily men, only men talked/associated together - Cult of Domesticity (true woman): piety (sustain religion), purity (sexual purity), submission, domesticity -1870 Page Act: prohibited the immigration of Chinese, Japanese women coming into U.S. for prostitution, excluded women who were married to Chinese men - led to men being sexually deviant
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Unformatted text preview: - responded to a cultural concern at the time, saying that Chinese prostitutes carried venereal disease more than white women did- Gold mining was on the decline, Chinese men became domestic servants in white homes, became a threat to white women purity- Asian men were seen as sissy Manalansan- Swardspeak- Filipino gay vernacular, helps to create a sense of community- holding hangs in Philippines, and Vietnam is accepted, Western culture is not used to it- Different forms of power, is voice all that important? Is visibility important? Gopinath- talks about and Indian movie where the Indian women become lesbian lovers when their husbands are out having their affairs and at work...
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