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final draft - 1 Many times music is Kahlon associated with...

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Many times music is associated with certain eras, but Keith Negus, a professor of musicology at the University of London, suggests that “Musical genres do not fill eras, nor do they continue neatly along the path of progressive development – being born, maturing, and then dying. They arise out of and are actively made through dialogic movements through time.” 1 Psychedelic band, Quicksilver Messenger Service proved this to be true through their rendition of “Who Do You Love” in 1969; a song originally recorded by Bo Diddley in 1959. During the 1960’s there was a lot of racial tension in the United States because of the Civil Rights Movement that took place throughout the decade. This racial tension was put aside when QMS made a tribute to Bo Diddley by incorporating music similar to that of his African roots in the song. They did this by adding an instrumental piece in the middle of the song that gave the impression that one is listening to an ancient primitive ritual, a “tribal ceremony” in other words. Bo Diddley’s song gives us the traditional idea of the African-American man as we know and QMS’s version gives us an idea of the traditional African roots most black people come from. In doing this, QMS, a group composed of White males, is shows appreciation for the African-American culture in the United States. Diddley’s original “Who Do You Love” followed the traditional Chicago Blues-Rock style, which had traditional signifiers of African-Americans’ lifestyle before the Civil Rights Movement. African-Americans have always been associated with the blues and sexual signifiers that these entail. Like other blues songs, Diddley’s song had multiple sexual signifiers in the lyrics. Many times White people wouldn’t realize the signifiers that African-American people used in their songs, so African-American people have been usually associated with being more 1
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sexual than Whites. Therefore, Whites
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final draft - 1 Many times music is Kahlon associated with...

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