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BIO334 PRINCIPLES OF NEUROBIOLOGY Course Syllabus – Spring 2010 Class meets on Tu/Th from 8:20-9:40 a.m. in Earth & Space Sciences, Room 001 Instructors : Dr. Craig Evinger and Dr. Gary Matthews, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior Adjunct Instructor : Dr. Sherrye Glaser, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior TA : Jessica Helm, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior Undergraduate TAs : Crista Cerrone, Brian Hon Tex t: Neuroscience, Exploring the Brain , 3 rd edition, MF Bear, BW Conners, MA Paradiso Course Philosophy : Neuroscience investigates how the brain functions. One of the exciting features of Neuroscience is that research in this field utilizes approaches ranging from molecular to behavioral investigations. No matter what type of science you find interesting, neuroscientists are using it to investigate the brain. This course begins with a review of cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain function, considers brain systems, and then finishes by showing the cellular and molecular underpinnings of higher brain functions such as learning, emotion and cognition. Jan 26 (Tues) Introduction to Neuroscience (Matthews) Chapter 1 Jan 28 (Thurs) Neurons/Nervous System Anatomy (Matthews) Chapters 2, 7 Feb 2 (Tues) Neural Development (Matthews) Chapters 7, 23 Feb 4 (Thurs) Membrane Potential (Matthews) Chapter 3 Feb 9 (Tues) Action Potential (Matthews) Chapter 4 Feb 11 (Thurs) Synaptic Transmission (Matthews) Chapter 5 Feb 16 (Tues) Neurotransmitter Systems (Matthews) Chapter 6 Feb 18 (Thurs) Exam I Feb 23 (Tues) Synaptic Plasticity (Matthews) Chapter 25 Feb 25 (Thurs) Introduction to Movement (Evinger) Chapter 13 Mar 2 (Tues) Motor Units / Reflex Circuits (Evinger) Chapter 13 Mar 4 (Thurs) Higher Order Motor Control (Evinger) Chapter 14 Mar 9 (Tues) Higher Order Motor Control (Evinger) Chapter 14 Mar 11 (Thurs) Introduction to Sensation (Matthews) Chapter 12 Mar 16 (Tues) Somatic Sensation (Matthews)
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This note was uploaded on 06/23/2010 for the course BIO 334 taught by Professor Matthews during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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