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Music 128 Fall 2009 Midterm Paper: Due in class, Wednesday, October 28 For this assignment you will be selecting a piece or song that has been or can be related to discourses on medicine and/or public health. What kinds of meanings does this piece have, and for whom? How has it been used? Was it written as a memorial? Is it used to promote healing? Who created the piece and who listens to it? You will need to both analyze and contextualize your work. If it has a verbal text you will need to discuss it, but the focus should be on how the musical sounds can be related to the message of the text and how the sounds are given particular meanings by listeners (yourself included!) The paper is to be about 4-5 pages in length, double spaced. Be sure that your paper has a strong
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Unformatted text preview: argument. You are offering an interpretation of how this piece is used and what it has meant, so you will need to provide sufficient supporting evidence to make your argument convincing. Include a bibliography at the end of your paper listing all sources you consulted, including websites. **You will need to provide me with a score and/or recording of the piece. The recording or score will be returned to you.** Send me an e-mail ([email protected]) by Wednesday October 21 letting me know what piece you have chosen (including title/group/year/genre, or other identifying features, as applicable)...
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