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Music 75Assignment2

Music 75Assignment2 - answers in double-spaced format and...

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Music 75 Due in lecture on Tuesday March 3, 2009 Now that you have looked at several manuscript sources during class, this assignment asks you to look carefully at some of these sources on your own. The following manuscript facsimiles have been placed on case x reserve in the music library. Look carefully at the designated pages and answer the questions listed below. Please type your
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Unformatted text preview: answers in double-spaced format and remain within a two-page limit. Flo: M2.P813 vol. 10-11 case x reserve W2: M2.P813 vol. 2 case x reserve Montpellier: M2.M55.R7 1935 case x vol. 1 Fauvel: ff M1495.R66 1990 case x...
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