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CHM111-Radiation Paper

CHM111-Radiation Paper - be increased so less food will...

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Food radiation should be allowed in the United States as long as it is properly regulated. Radiation can not be banned until there are numerous, consistent reports that radiation causes serious health problems. Irradiation is the process of exposing food to radiation to rid it of vermin, spoilage, and increase the food’s shelf life. Irradiation should be allowed because when done in doses in the range of 1-10 kGy it showed no health effects but still killed all significant microorganisms that posed a threat to public health. The benefits gained, such as the killing of E. coli and salmonella, outweigh the suspicion of possible future health effects. Although irradiation also lowers the amount of certain vitamins, a well-balanced diet will eliminate any risk of malnutrition. Companies will have larger profits and will be able to aid the economy in a better way if irradiation is used because large food recalls will be rarer and the shelf-life of food will
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Unformatted text preview: be increased so less food will spoil. The sources were relatively credible on both sides, but the articles on pro-irradiation use were better because more facts and numbers were presented, while the anti-irradiation articles seemed to place value on speculation on what may happen and seemed to base a large aspect of their argument on the partiality of the government and big businesses. The concerns of future health effects are certainly an issue, but there is not enough evidence to ban irradiation use. The claims of the FDA looking out for only the present and ignoring the future seem outlandish and unfair. If bad health effects begin to present themselves then the government and agriculture companies should take action and responsibility and end the use irradiation. Irradiation should be permitted by the government, because when properly regulated, the benefits grossly outweigh the supposed consequences....
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