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Guidelines for concert report - audience reaction?- Which...

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Guidelines for concert report: - Include both observations of what went on during the concerts as well as a discussion of what went on musically, using as much musical terminology as possible. Some questions to think about: - What aspects of the music (if any) might you not have noticed had you had not attended (i.e. had you heard the same music on the radio, on a cd, etc.)? - Did the architecture of the hall make any difference? - How is audience behavior part of a concert experience? - How does your experience of live concerts differ from listening to recorded music? - Compare the two concerts. What were the differences in sound, presentation and
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Unformatted text preview: audience reaction?- Which concert was more successful, and for what reasons?- How did attending a live concert change the way you listen? One of the most important criteria is that your observations/reflections be organized under an overall thesis. Observations should support a larger idea and this larger idea needs to be something one could argue against.- 5 pages, due 2/23 in section (late papers will be marked down); If you will be unable to attend section that week, please place the paper in my box in 107 Morrison before the start of section time....
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