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CS 101 Introduction to Computing Assignment # 01 Deadline Your assignment must be uploaded / submitted before or on April 04, 2009. Upload Instructions Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the Virtual University to upload the assignment. Rules for Marking Please note that your assignment will not be graded if: 2) It is submitted after due date 3) The file you uploaded does not open 4) The file you uploaded is copied from some one else 5) It is in some format other than
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Unformatted text preview: .doc Objective The assignment has been designed to enable you: To know about Boolean Logic Operations. To make practice of truth tables for Boolean Logic Operations. Question # 1 Part 1 Show that 6) (A+B+C) ' = A'B'C' by using truth table 5 marks Question # 1 Part 2 7) (A+B+C')(A'+B'+C)= A B+(A C)' +(B C)' 5+5+5 marks Expand Right hand side first and then show that it is equal to the left side by using the truth table....
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This note was uploaded on 06/25/2010 for the course CS CS101 taught by Professor Altafhussain during the Spring '10 term at Virtual University of Pakistan.

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Spring%202009_CS101_1[1] - .doc Objective The assignment...

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