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information-privacy-protection-winter-term-2010 - CENTRAL...

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I C ENTRAL E UROPEAN U NIVERSITY D EPARTMENT OF P UBLIC P OLICY Media, Information and Communications Policy Stream: 2009-2010 (winter term) Information Privacy Protection 2 credits Introduction Welcome to this elective course, which forms part of the specialized stream on Media, Information and Communications Policy. Kristina Irion will serve as the primary lecturer and is the CEU faculty member coordinating this course. She is also in charge of course requirements, assignments and grading. Her contact details are: Kristina Irion, Assistant Professor Department of Public Policy Central European University, Budapest Office Nador 11, room No. 214 Email to [email protected] Direct line: +36 (1) 327-3000, ext. -2283 The following instructions are intended to answer the most frequently asked questions about the course to come. Please consult them carefully. Course schedule During the winter term 12 seminars will be held. Please refer to the DPP class schedule for the times and places of the classes. Occasionally, times and places of classes can be subject to short change. Please make sure that you are up to date. These are the important dates for the students: Proposition of term paper end of week 7 latest Exam tbd. Deadline term paper 6 April 2010 Course description The course is dedicated to the policies and regulations of electronic data processing involving personal information. Enhanced computing technology and storage capacity are facilitating an ever increasing appetite for personal information on behalf of businesses and authorities, which ultimately impacts the fundamental right to privacy. Notwithstanding the alarming number of high profile incidents, in which personal data had been compromised, the public awareness seems to be weakening. Besides, legislators are readjusting the equilibrium between national security and electronic privacy. The course will reflect on the latest development and the shift of mentality towards more privacy pervasive technologies.
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II In the first part, participants will become acquainted with relevant data protection principles and discuss their effectiveness in the light of recent applications. Secondly, technology is not indifferent to public policy objectives, thus design and implementation are key to privacy enhancing technologies. The regulatory treatment of transborder data transfers that surpass the reach of jurisdictions is another problem the course will shed light on. Next, privacy will be looked at from the ankle of an individual right over personal information in the context of publicity, privacy at the workplace and the special problematic of protecting minors’ personal information. The last part is dedicated to legal interception and surveillance of voice and data traffic with a special focus on data retention rules and foreign intelligence gathering. The course is intended to sensitize participant to the state of information privacy protection in the Information Society. The course agenda will provide you with a comprehensive line up of the topics of each seminar. The
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information-privacy-protection-winter-term-2010 - CENTRAL...

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