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ECONOMICS FOR PUBLIC POLICY MACROECONOMICS FALL 2006 Instructor: Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl Nador utca 11, Office # 213 E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 36-1-327-3000, ext. 2079 Office hours: TBA 3-credit class Course Description and Objective: This course deals with the study of the economy as a whole. Since the state of the economy affects everyone within the economy, macroeconomics plays a key role in political debates and has particular relevance to public policy. The course will introduce the basic tools of macroeconomics and how to apply them to real world policy. The course is designed to provide students with a framework that can be used to analyze aggregate (economy-wide) issues such as unemployment, growth rate, inflation, and monetary and fiscal policy. Hence, the goal of the course is for students to understand how to evaluate macroeconomic conditions and how policy can influence these conditions. Examples of issues that will be discussed: - the role of government policy in promoting long-term economic growth - the relationship between inflation and unemployment - the role of government deficits - fiscal and monetary policy – stabilization of the economy The course will first examine topics on the economy in the long run, when prices are flexible and markets clear (e.g. economic growth, the natural rate of unemployment, effect of government debt). Secondly, the course will present topics on the economy in the short run, when prices are
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Dimitrova%20macro - ECONOMICS FOR PUBLIC POLICY...

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