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MAT116ExerciseWeek8ConceptCheck - spaces to the right and...

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Exercise: Week 8 Concept Check Describe what a graph of interval [-4, 10] looks like. First I need to understand what the symbols mean. When I see a [ it means to include the left side point. When I see a ] it means to include the right side point. Using a ( means the left side point is not included. Using a ) means the right side point is not included. In knowing the difference in the symbols, the -4 would be four spaces to the left of 0, or the center point and the 10 is ten
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Unformatted text preview: spaces to the right and the square brackets used in this problem means that the interval includes both of the endpoints. This interval goes from -4 to 10 and includes the endpoints. On this number line, the endpoint has been filled in. Instead of filling in the endpoints, draw a bracket at -4 and another bracket at 10 ....
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