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HUM130Week9CapstoneCheckPoint - HUM/130 Week 9 Capstone...

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HUM/130 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint In what ways has learning about world religions influenced the way you think about religion? Why is it important to learn about other peoples' beliefs and attitudes? How will you utilize this information in the future? The way that learning about world religions has influenced me is by broadening my knowledge of the different religions and how they are practiced. I have learned so much about the differences and similarities in people, their religious beliefs, their rituals and historical events and figures. Since religion is a system of belief and involves the worship of one god or more than one god in some cases, it entails that a person becoming devotedly involved in the religious group’s observances and the group’s moral standards. Because of this there has to be substantial influence due to any religion. For me learning about world religions has showed me how not just me but other people have changed their lifestyle because of their religious beliefs. In the world of
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