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Five Pillars of Islam Islam is a religion that dates back as far as 600AD. Followers of this religion are called Muslims. They believe that there is one God; Allah. They also believe that Muhammad was the messenger of God. Their Holy Book is the Quran and they live their lives based on the five pillars. The first pillar which is belief and witness directly reflects the central belief of Muslims. This means believing that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger. The second pillar is daily prayers. Muslims are required to pray five times daily. They bow or kneel down reciting passages from the Quran or a series of prayers. This not only unites Muslims worldwide, but also strengthens their belief in God and what he does for his Muslim followers. Muslim’s belief in God is definitely reflected through this pillar. The third pillar is Zakat. At the end of every year, Muslims must donate at least two and a half percent of their annual earnings to the less fortunate Muslims. This pillar is an example of
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HUM130Week6CheckPointFivePillarsofIslam - Five Pillars of...

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