Mat117CapstoneWeek9 - mathematical models are used (such as...

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Question Has the content in this Algebra 1b course allowed you to think of  math as a useful tool? If so, how? What concepts investigated in  this course can apply to your personal and professional life? In  what ways did you use MyMathLab® or the Center for Mathematic  Excellence for extra support?  Submitted: 189 days and 1 hours ago.  Category: Math  Value: $15  Status: CLOSED  + Read       More       Accepted Answer Hi,   "This class helped me to understand how real-world problems can  be modeled as algebraic equations, and what methods can be used  to solve such equations. It also provided tools to visualize  equations and their solutions (such as graphing).   As I progress in my studies, I now feel confident that when 
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Unformatted text preview: mathematical models are used (such as in business applications), I will have a handle on how to understand and solve them. This is true as well for financial management tools that I may use in my personal life. MyMathLab was extremely helpful in that it provided step-by-step guidance on questions that confused me. That guidance helped me learn how to solve similar problems without assistance." Hope this is close to what you were looking for! (If so, please remember to click Accept!) Read more:
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Mat117CapstoneWeek9 - mathematical models are used (such as...

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