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BIS 104 PubMed spr 2010

BIS 104 PubMed spr 2010 - skin and click “ Go ” 9 On...

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PubMed Access from an Off-campus Computer To download an article from PubMed (e.g., article for Assignment #1 for BIS 104): 1. Go to the UCD library homepage: http://lib.ucdavis.edu/ 2. On the left-hand side, under “Quick Links”, click on VPN tab. 3. Type in your user name and Kerberos password. 4. Click on the Electronic Databases A – Z link. 5. Click on the letter “ P ” tab. 6. Scroll down to PubMed. 7. On the left-hand side, under “PubMed Services”, click on “ Single Citation Matcher ” link. 8. Fill out as many fields as possible for best results (from the info posted on the BIS 104 syllabus: Cell ; date: 2002 ; volume: 109 ; first page: 693 ; author name: Mukouyama y ; title words: Sensory nerves determine the pattern of arterial differentiation and blood vessel branching in the
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Unformatted text preview: skin ) and click “ Go ”. 9. On the right-hand side, click on the “ UCD-eLinks ” tab. 10. Under “Get it online from”, click on the ElsevierScienceDirect link. 11. Click on “ Article via Cell ”. 12. You can get either the “html” or the “PDF” format by clicking on “ Full text ” or “ PDF ” on the right-hand side. To use PubMed from campus terminals: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed 1. type in author: mukouyama y 2. under “limits” add journal: “CELL” 3. click on “go”. Title, authors, and abstract will be revealed. 4. Click on “CELL PRESS”. 5. Click on “ScienceDirect”. 6. Click on “PDF” or “download PDF” to print or save....
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