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BIS 104 transfection 09 - OR promoter sequence gene of...

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Transfer of nucleic acid (e.g., specific genes) into a cell Prokaryotes Conjugation: a mating-like process where plasmids from donor cell are transferred to a recipient cell. Transformation: direct uptake of a plasmid by recipient cell Transduction: DNA transferred into recipient cell via a bacteriophage Eukaryotes Transfection: artificial transfer of DNA or RNA into a recipient cell DNA construct: promoter sequence - gene of interest
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Unformatted text preview: OR: promoter sequence - gene of interest - reporter gene Green fluorescent Protein (GFP) B-galactosidase (B-gal) acetyl transferase (CAT) Mechanisms of transfer: DNA injection directly into cytoplasm or nucleus (e.g., oocyte) DNA complexed with cationic lipids DNA encapsulated within liposomes DNA encapsulated within attenuated (non-replicating) virus Electroporation (transient permeabilization of PM)...
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