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activatedcarbonfilter - Activated Carbon Filter Design This...

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Activated Carbon Filter Design This is a short methodology to design activated carbon filter used to gas purification or solvent recovery, based on Freundlich isotherm correlation This spreadsheet utilizes English units of measure Technical Contact: Ingeniero Alfonso Manrique V, Email: [email protected] Do not rename sheets in this workbook Sheets are protected, and protection may not be disabled Revision History : This spreadsheet is copyright 2002, The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page, www.cheresources.com. The information contained herein may not be retransmitted, copied, or electronically posted without the expressed written consent of The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page. You may use this spreadsheet for personal or professional use only. Cheresources, Inc. and it's associates can not be held responsible for the results obtained from this program. Good engineering judgement should always be exercised in using this or any other software.
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ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER Introduce process data and design parameters on yellow cells and follow sheet address Alfonso Manrique Vega
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