LabReport1. due6.15.2010

LabReport1. due6.15.2010 - Tova Rogers, tr2287 General...

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Tova Rogers, tr2287 General Chemistry Lab Lab Report, Experiment 1, 6/7/2010 Discussion: Experiment One was an exercise in several techniques used for deducing the weight, density, or identity of a liquid or solid element or compound. The instruments and techniques used for these deductions were: a laboratory balance for determining masses, graduated cylinders of various sizes for determining volumes, and physically combining compounds in test tubes for observational analysis of any reactions that occurred. We began by weighing several laboratory instruments with a laboratory balance. This aquanted us with the method for tareing the mass of any instruments being used so that we could isolate the mass of the item we were interested in evaluating. With a precision of +/- 0.001, the laboratory balance is highly accurate instrument. However, it became obvious that the balances are also very sensitive to subtle, external stimuli, i.e., bumping the counter, moving your hands too close to the balance, et al. These external stimuli, which are difficult to control, appear to be
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This note was uploaded on 06/26/2010 for the course CHEM 101 taught by Professor Na during the Spring '10 term at Columbia.

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LabReport1. due6.15.2010 - Tova Rogers, tr2287 General...

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