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Grade 10 Main Grade 10 Communications Technology Syllabus Mr. Druiven, Mr. Mayer, TGJ 2O1 Note: M1, M2 etc. identifes Ministry oF Education and Training expectations From The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 and 10 - Technological Education ±eb 5 - ±eb 16 10 periods Computers and the Internet - Mr Druiven ±eb 19 - Mar 2 10 periods Desktop Publishing - Mr Mayer Mar 5 - Mar 23 10 periods Corel Draw - Mr Druiven Mar 26 - Apr 6 10 periods Corel Photopaint - Mr Mayer Apr 9 - Apr 24 10 periods Video - Images that Shout - Mr Druiven Apr 25 - May 9 11 periods Photography - Mr Mayer May 10 - May 25 11 periods Instructional Video - Mr Druiven May 28 - Jun 8 10 periods Technical Illustration - Mr Mayer Jun 11 - 18 6 periods 1. Computers and the Internet back to top 1. Log on and log oFF, save your work in C:/student and backup in G:/. 2. TransFer fles using the LAN. Recognizing paths. 3. Defne the parts oF a computer and network. 5. Acceptable use guideline. 6. Internet research: searching, saving images, saving text. 7. Posting a web page. M1 identiFy basic composition and typographic principles M2 describe the characteristics oF materials used in print production M3 apply composition and typographic principles to produce camera-ready artwork For print production M4 produce printed copies using a variety oF reproduction methods M5 enhance or create sets, lighting schemes, and inFormation displays 2 quizzes, 2 skill builders, web page, learning skills evaluation --------------------- Syllabus 1 of 4 6/25/10 11:04 PM
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2. Desktop Publishing with ClarisWorks back to top 1. Describe font technology and the elements that make up a page.
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Comm Tech gr 10 Syllabus - Syllabus...

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