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Yingjia Shen Bot131 4/5/07 CTA 3 Global Warming is a very pressing topic for American citizens and American politicians. The emission of greenhouse gases is a complicated subject and a difficult problem to solve. Peter N. Spotts, the author of “Stabilizing the global greenhouse may not be so hard,” believes we already have tools necessary to slow down emissions and avoid the worst affects of global warming. The writer argued that insurance companies are putting pressure on corporations to reduce emissions to reduce the hit companies could have if the climate changes so the insurance companies do not owe as much. The writer also argues that humanity has everything it needs already to reduce emissions and stall the onslaught of global warming. The evidence for the writer’s claim is that two Princeton University studies have shown at least fifteen different ways. Stephen Pacala and Dr. Socolow believe we reduce CO2 emissions down to about 500 parts per million, a number considerably smaller than
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