Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl - thoughts about her body...

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Courtney Mull Prof. Pascucci-Byrne Anne Frank’s Diary 1. After reading Anne Frank’s diary I realized that she- like me at times- felt so alone. Forced to go into hiding at an extremely young age Anne did not have many friends to confide in. Unable to turn to her family at this time as she was going through her adolescence without the ability to relate to her parents or sister she began to write. She writes about her daily trials with her family, her need for love and attention from her father, and the missing link between her and her mother. Throughout these entries we are able to get a sense that Anne is also going through something more than just adolescence in a time of horror; she is coming into her sexuality. Unable to express her feelings and
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Unformatted text preview: thoughts about her body, boys and girls she writes about it to her diary seeking advice like she would to an understanding, patient friend. 2. The reason behind naming her diary “Kitty” is because it then goes from an inanimate object to a friend, someone who has the ability to communicate back and comfort her in times of need. Also, she does not see herself as the type of girl who would possess a diary so nonetheless she cannot conform to certain perceptions. It may also be a security blanket, if someone ever found her ratty, checkered book they would just see it as a collection of teenage letters and not its true beauty of a detailed description of life throughout Nazi regime....
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