Benjamin Franklin�s Thirteen Virtues

Benjamin Franklin�s Thirteen Virtues - fill these...

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Courtney Mull Prof. Pascucci-Byrne Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues As I began my weekend I thought deeply about Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues. Laid out explicitly for me to follow, I felt compelled to analyze them and how they would mold into my life. Like Benjamin Franklin I believe most of these values- if followed- would greatly improve my quality of living. However, some of these values are not truly attainable in everyday life nor for a college student. I like to believe that on most days without feeling compelled to follow Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues I fill the role of silence, order, industry, and cleanliness. I take pride in beginning able to
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Unformatted text preview: fill these roles without thought. As for the remaining thirteen virtues a little more concentration was needed throughout the weekend. Throughout the weekend I kept the virtues in the back of my head; thinking about wrong and right. I feel by a moderate scale I fulfilled all thirteen virtues though I may have slipped on some. Though, like Benjamin Franklin I can only continue from here to better my life and continue to adapt my life around the thirteen virtues....
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