Our Celebrities, Ourselves

Our Celebrities, Ourselves - through their facades For the...

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Courtney Mull Prof. Pascucci-Byrne Our Celebrities, Ourselves #2 Gabler notes, that society associates preferably with celebrity narratives rather than to traditional television comedy and dramas. After reading is article “Our Celebrities, Ourselves,” I can completely agree with his assertions. Through watching celebrity struggles and triumphs we are able to see ourselves in them. Though they normally lead a much more luxurious lifestyle we all follow a similar path of trying to find ourselves in this confusing world. We are capable of understanding their struggles and seeing
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Unformatted text preview: through their facades. For the most part I do like celebrity narratives better than traditional television. Ever since we are young we want to be in the public eye- not for their scrutiny but for their praise and the benefits that are associated. Although several high profile celebrities are forced to overcome several obstacles in their life and career I am always envious of the life they lead and the minimal worries that they have....
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