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History Notes 2 - SECOND HALF OF SEMESTER-Hitler doesnt...

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SECOND HALF OF SEMESTER 3/20/07 -Hitler doesn’t agree with the Treaty of Versailles, wants to make changes in it -Hitler begins to expand Germany’s borders and act on his strong beliefs in foreign military -Hitler is thinking of a major war coming in the mid 1940’s -Hitler hopes to postpone the war -Britain and France go to war in the late 1930’s -Hitler expels these thoughts and decides to go to war and take advantage as France and Britain continue to battle -Germany starts north -French after WWI complete a project which builds a wall that will prevent Germany from doing what it do before -the wall is called Maginot Line -the wall is a mistake because Germany doesn’t pursue the same strategy and they just go around the wall -France retreats and moves from Paris to the southern part of the country - Blitzkrieg - lightening wall -come up with tactics that will use fast moving planes and vehicles at the ground and move as fast as possible so what happened to them in the past doesn’t happen again -whole northern coast of France is operated by Germany -southern part of France Vichy/Petain -Germany proposes a peace settlement to Britain; if Britain accepts the “New Order” and the new arrangements in Europe then Germany will stop expanding and will no longer fight Britain -Britain doesn’t accept the treaty -Britain was the larger power, and the British Empire would no longer be something that could be sustained -Also Britain doesn’t agree with what Germany is doing and doesn’t trust Hitler at all, nobody does -summer of 1940, battle of Britain -principle objective was to take German control over the air -the battle proves that British air force is superior to German air force -1941 battle ends 1941- Hitler follows through on Operation Barbarossa o it’s a gigantic invasion of the Soviet Union Britain had not been defeated; they were still at war with Germany -why would Hitler add to the list of enemies and create a two front war -Soviet Union and Germany are trading freely; he still has access to resources -Hitler’s objectives plan was to take up everything east of Germany to the Euro Mountains -he felt he would’ve won the ground war with Soviet Union
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-although German air force struggled against the British, Hitler’s ground force proved to be far superior than any of his oppositions thus far -and further later if Britain felt they wanted to continue their war he could build up his air force further and take care of them -he kind of puts the war with Britain aside for a little until he can begin to expand -Stalin was surprised and didn’t believe when people tell him Hitler is on his western borders with his troops -Hitler and his troops cuts right through the western border of Soviet Union easily and takes out 200 miles of land -Jewish population was actually a small population of Germany but played a big role in countries surrounding -concentration camps begin fit with gas chambers to kill large numbers of people he hated—mainly Jews
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