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midterm study guide - PH 101 PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY Prof....

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PH 101 PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY Prof. Ranjoo S. Herr Sp 2009 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS 1. Questions will be from articles, lectures, handouts, and video resources. 2. Try to understand arguments rather than to memorize them. The wording of the key points may be different in the exam from the emailed arguments. 3. Be meticulous and clear about the meaning of key terms. Some terms have different technical meanings as compared to ordinary usage of them that are vague and loose. e.g. “arguments,” “validity,” and “soundness.” 4. Please study the relevant material carefully, as all answers to studyguide questions can be found in them. I am happy to answer your questions, PROVIDED that they are of the nature that cannot be answered by merely reading the relevant material. If answers can be easily identified in the material, I will just refer you to the text. 5. I prefer to answer your questions that need elaboration in person. Feel free to set up an appointment or ask them before/after class. However, please do not email me with questions that need relatively lengthy elaboration. I intend to set aside some time during the Mar 23rd class to answer your questions on the midterm, which would be a good time for you to ask such questions. A caution about prepping for exams: In order to get good grades on your exam, you need to read the whole article once before you come. After you attend the class you should read it once more in order to grasp the argument for the whole paper. If you haven’t done this, you should read the whole article to prepare for the exam. The point is, without an overall comprehension of the main argument, focusing on study guide questions and reading parts of the article are not going to help . Keep in mind: read the whole article at least twice, or as many times as needed for you to understand the overall argument, at least in general! Beware that there are always
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midterm study guide - PH 101 PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY Prof....

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