ECE474S09_Lecture36 - Streetman Problems Photo-generated...

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ECE 474: Principles of Electronic Devices Prof. Virginia Ayres Michigan State University [email protected]
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Lecture 36: Chp. 05: Current State-of-Art Transistors: pn junctions Metal-semiconductor junctions (interconnects) Discussion of HW07 Solutions, please see class website
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ECE474 Spring 2009 Homework 07 REVISED DUE DATE: Wednesday15 April 2009
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Unformatted text preview: Streetman Problems: Photo-generated carriers/Solar Cell Pr. 8.3 pn junction: Potential barrier V , etc. Prs. 5.7, 5.10 pn junction: Currents Prs. 5.11, 5.12 pn junction: Junction capacitance Cj Pr. 5.14 pn junction: interesting thought problem Pr. 5.21 Contact junction: Schottky barriers and Ohmic contacts Prs. 5.38, 5.39, 5.40...
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ECE474S09_Lecture36 - Streetman Problems Photo-generated...

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