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SEMrcONNKTOT H{TSCS ElectronMomentum: P = m*v Oa j Planck: E hv ha 52 Kinetic: E rm*f t * {*u' (3-4) Effective mass: m+ Adnyz (3-3) Total electron energy P.E.;* K.E. E. + E(k) j Fermi-Dirace-distribution: flE) g*r.,.- diEr- E)lkr forE>> Ep (3-10) Equilibrium i n0 f-Xuy"ltyoE : N;(8,) - [email protected]\lkr (3-15) JE. /zrd*rltrz *. =,(T^ikr\32 ru.=2(-a, ) \ n, ) (3-16),(3-20) po N"[1 _ flE")] : ytl,s*(Er-E)/kr (3_19) ni Nre'.c'-e')/tr, p-: l{rs-(E'-e)/t<r Q-21) ,, t/N,rye E.lzkr ,(rfll'' {^f**1r,or-Esakr e-23),(326) Equlibrium , ;',=::',7
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