Lab2 - UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Department of Electrical and...

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UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EEN 204 Name: ___________________ Section: ___________________ Date: ___________________ EXPERIMENT 2 THEVENIN, SUPERPOSITION, AND MAXIMUM POWER THEOREMS PURPOSE: To introduce a student to the use of three fundamental network theorems: thevenin equivalent circuits, superposition, and the maximum power theorem for resistive circuits. The analysis of some circuits could be greatly simplified by reducing the complexity of a circuit. The Thevenin equivalent circuit (and its dual the Norton equivalent circuit) can be used most of the time and can greatly simplify the circuit to be analyzed. The principle is as simple as replacing an entire network by an equivalent resistor and voltage source at the terminals of interest. Superposition can be applied when linear networks consist of more than one input. The linearity property makes it possible, as we shall see, to obtain the responses in these circuits by analyzing only single-input circuits. In many cases, we would like to know the conditions under which maximum power is transfer to a load or would like to obtain the maximum possible power that a given practical source can deliver. The Maximum Power Theorem allows us to do this and it can be applied to any complex circuits by first obtaining the Thevenin equivalent network around the load of interest. Equipment 1 Variable resistance box 1 Digital voltmeter 2 DC power supplies 1 Frequency generator 2 270 resistors 3 15 k resistors 2 3.3 k resistors 1 10 k resistor EEN 204 Laboratory 1 EXPERIMENT 2
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Lab2 - UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Department of Electrical and...

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